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 Iya Tolu, our neighbour strolled into the compound looking tired, week and crest fallen. I asked her what the problem was and she looked at me, raised the polyethene bag in her right hand, opened her mouth and the sound that came out almost made me think she was crying. In reality, she actually sighed and sounded troubled and angry at the same time. What was her grouse? She was both angry and worried that the same amount of Money that she took to the market that bought her a huge amount of goods could only get her a handful this week.

 In spite of the nature of this analogy the character above would have possibly gotten the same amount of goods that she got the week before, if for each good, she had a pool of vendors with different prices to choose from, her plight was simply aided by Monopoly. One could argue in her favour that the vendors of these goods can be found at very far distances from each other too.

In Nigeria today, this is the sorry state of things, even with your money in your hands, it can hardly get anything satisfactory because the prices differ and are at the roof top. To an extent this situation can be helped by the use of a price comparison site for those who are internet compliant. One might even be tempted to create an offline price comparison site if possible..


It is a website that compares the price of a particular product or service in different stores or from different companies. It is a tool that helps users to find the best price, latest products and online shopping deals.

Outside Nigeria, it is a known way of life but here in Nigeria and Africa, it is slowly coming into play. With comparison websites, you can even do your shopping without stress because depending on the product or service offered, there might be a delivery service.


There’s a whole lot to gain from the use of a price comparison site. From experience, using them makes you feel like the ‘’VERY BIG BOY’’ as we would say. Find below the gains of using a price comparison site;

  • They save money;

Checking quotes from hundreds of vendors and firms and being able to sort by price enables customers to select the very cheapest option, based on the criteria specified. This means your eyes could be opened to a deal from a smaller company that saves you a significant amount of money.

  • They are Convenient and time-efficient ;

 With a few clicks of a finger you can get hundreds of quotes depending on your desired product or service with hardly any effort at all. This allows you to gather a large amount of condensed data, saving the time of trawling through dozens of individual websites. Comparison sites also allow you to create an account and save all your details to prevent you having to repeat them over and over again when looking for different policies or wanting to switch provider. Time is money after all and is extremely valuable, so saving as much as possible is a big attraction to these sites.

  • They create wide variety and choice ;

 Price comparison sites are big businesses, and there is no shortage of ones to choose from. All of the sites ask for slightly different information and don’t all have the same vendors on their books, meaning the list of quotes given won’t cover the same companies and thus provide differing quotes. This means several can be used alongside one another to find the best deals and to validate the accuracy of the figures quoted.

  • They make shopping at the comfort of your home easy;

Most price comparison sites come with payment options and delivery options. This means you can go through quotes, make your choice, pay and have your goods delivered in record time, all from the comfort of your home.

  • They can also be used as marketing tools for firms ;

For both the vendors on most comparison websites and other intending vendors, partnering with these sites creates an avenue for marketing due to the huge traffic of people.


  There is a whole lot more to be gained from the use and patronage of price comparison sites. The above stated are just a few of them…

Use a price comparison site today…