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After a whole week of work stress, the average Lagosian and Nigerian loves to unwind mostly with a banging party. These parties can either be weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, burials, house warming ceremonies, freedoms etc

As humans the desire to always trend and be rated among the ‘’best of the best’’ always tops the list of our wants, this is as a result of the ego rush that we all feel.

Most individuals feel the need for their gigs to feel and sound different; this was what brought about the need for themed weddings.

A themed wedding is a wedding centered on a given, specific or particular theme and not just a color or a pattern. In such weddings, the cakes, invitations, dressing, favors etc clearly reflects the theme selected for such event.


Picking a theme for your wedding or event can be an uphill task , it can turn out to just yet be the hardest part of  the planning of any event or wedding . The first step is to determine that theme of your dreams and then go all out to recreate it from one step to the other. One might want to go for either a vintage, romantic or any other theme for that matter. If you are still at a loss as to what direction your wedding or event can take, we have tried to discuss some. You can create a checklist of  some wedding themes; They are discussed below;;;


‘’Romance ‘’ as a word simply screams SERENITY and CALMNESS , if a bride decides to go for a Romantic wedding theme, be it ‘’indoors’’ or ‘’outdoors’’  she will be thinking of soft hues, delicate lightings, lots of florals, pastels, hanging lights , slow music, etc. All of these will be aimed at creating a Romantic atmosphere.


A vintage atmosphere or presence simply paints a picture of something in the past but with a high quality. Any bride or event planner that wants to decide on a vintage background/ atmosphere will surely be thinking of something old but of great quality.  She could draw inspiration from decades past if she truly wants a vintage wedding. One of the easiest way is to portray this through your wedding outfit and beauty look. During the reception , the planner can think of decors that looks like antiques like old weathered doors and finish off with a classic get away ride  like a Volkswagen .


The thought of a whimsical atmosphere, paints a picture of a playfully attractive and yet fanciful environment especially in an appealing and amusing way. It should be one of bright splashes and colors especially in an unconventional manner. Design elements like multi colored balloons, streamers, punchy floral arrangements including mismatched chair arrangements.


This is suited for brides and event planners who are not known to take the normal route. It is for that organizer that enjoys experimenting. A traditional background backed with  a mix of the alternative would definitely create a stunning effect. The bride can decide to roll it in whatever way that she deems fit and the effect will definitely be alluring. She could go for cool, moody color pallets and creative stand-ins.  as long as it matches the style better than normal flowers.


A modern theme is simply that theme that knows no inhibitions or restrictions; it can be channeled however the bride or decorator deems fit.  The bride or event planner should think of clean lines, geometric shapes and minimal design. Generally a modern tone should be set for everything from  the wedding dress, to the cakes to the wedding seats . A departure from the normal structures and designs would look and sound just fine.


So when next you are planning on throwing a gig and you want it to stand out, look no further. Experiment with any of these themes and the effect would be awesome..