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Happy Women’s day- the many reasons to champion women!

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Happy Women’s day- the many reasons to champion women!

“What a man can do, a woman can do even better!” a well circulated adage, even if it splits opinion. Irrespective of your personal view, women and their invaluable contribution certainly deserve recognition on what is a very fitting day.

You may wish to look back on your most positive memories to date; perhaps it was eating a tantalising meal, company with great people, a comforter in a difficult period in your life, or even a word of encouragement which has favourably impacted you. Now just consider for a moment the gender of the people involved and whether you like it or not, women have featured several times across the different memories you have. Even reflecting on positive time spent with your mum, grandmother or aunties is further testament to this.

Other than being the vehicle through which life is created, women play an integral role in the wellbeing of many men and women; consequently, you may want to ruminate on a few interesting facts:wellbeing of many men and women; consequently, you may want to ruminate on a few interesting facts:

* An increase in the number of women working leads to faster economic growth [OECD – Gender equality in education, empowerment and entrepreneurship, 2012]

* Women being the predominant primary caregivers to children, tends to result in more of their income being spent on their children and generally maintaining their households than men their male counterparts [The World Bank, 2012- World Development Report: Gender Equality and Development, pg 5]

* A study between 1970 and 2009 involving 219 countries demonstrated that for every additional year of education for women of reproductive age, led to a reduction in the infant mortality rate by 9.5% [E. Gakidou, et al., 2010, “Increased Educational Attainment and its Effect on Child Mortality in 175 Countries between 1970 and 2009: A Systematic Analysis,” The Lancet, 376(9745), p. 969. – See more at:]

* Women’s’ collective income would increase globally by as much as 76% if the employment/wage gap between women and men were closed; moreover this is calculated to have a global value of USD 17 trillion [Actionaid, 2015, “Close the Gap! The cost of inequality in women’s work,” p. 9. – See more at:]

There are a great number more facts that could be listed but surely you get the point: championing women’s contribution and development brings about a significant improvement in global economic and social conditions. Furthermore, Money Matters is dedicated to continually demonstrating why money is important; the economic benefits available lay bare just how much your money, and perhaps more crucially, how much women’s money matter!

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